R&B Singer Angie Stone: Arrested with Domestic Aggravated Assault


angiestone  Angie Stone was arrested for knocking her daughter’s teeth out over an argument about a messy room and her grandchildren. Diamond Stone,30, and Angie got into a verbal altercation after seeing how messy Diamond’s room was asking her to clean up her room and to take care of her kids. Diamond did not like how her mom was speaking to her so she tried to punch her mom and as a reflex, Angie threw a metal stand at Diamond’s face and her teeth were knocked out, according to sources. Diamond’s teeth have been rotting in her mouth for a long time and that is why her teeth fell out after her mother threw the metal stand at her face, according to a close source to Angie to TMZ . Diamond punched her mom first and a family friend broke up the fight but could not say who hit who first, according to sources. It is not known if Angie has an attorney, the Daily News said.




Behind The Success Of House of Cards


house of cards

House of Cards fans spent the weekend bingeing the Netflicks series in response to the release of Season 3 according to the show’s casting director, Kimberly Skyrme. “Don’t give any spoiler alerts!” are some of the posts that Skyrme saw on various forms of social media.

Lamont Easter plays as Frank Underwood’s Secret Service and admits to binge watching the show himself. “The acting is absolutely superb,” Easter said. Skyrme stated that House of Cards is a political show that is sophisticated and gives an insider perspective in the world of politics. “I think people wonder is this based on reality or is it totally factitious,” she said. “Or,is it somewhere in between.”

House of Cards has thirteen Emmy nominations for 2014 and Easter attributes the show’s success is due to its ability to break into new media; streaming online. “I believe its one of the first shows of this magnitude to simultaneously be available in multiple western countries around the world,” he said.

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Marketing Your Business



One of the core foundations in launching and maintaining a business is marketing. The connections an entrepreneur has can be one of the factors that determine how lucrative their business is.

Marketing guru Brian Horn explains that potential entrepeneurs should not underestimate any connections they do have and any form of publicity they received can be used to further market their business. “If you have to say it’s a radio show, say it’s a radio show,” Horn said in reference to exposure people can use to market their business. “And that impresses to everybody.”

Horn suggests that people who have made the decision to start their own business should not view themselves as an expert and be able to microspecialize.”One, know who your target market is and what you are offering them,” Horn stated.

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Erase Your Student Loan Debt



According to The Atlantic, there is $1.16 trillion in student loan debt across the country. “On average, graduates from 4-year universities face almost $30,000 in debt” stated student loan expert Heather Jarvis. Jarvis is an alumna from Duke University and she faced $125,000 in student debt herself. Realizing that this is an issue for many students coming out of college, she makes the effort to provide different ways to overcome the challenges that comes with student loan debt.

Jarvis said that one of the misconceptions about loan repayment is that the lender is going to work with you. Most lenders are not flexible with the monthly payments that are owed but there options to help students that are having trouble paying their loans. Jarvis advises that taking federal student loans is a smart choice because there are many repayment plans provided that are based on income. This means if the individual’s current job does not give them a high salary or they are between jobs, Income Based Repayment Plan and Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan are two effective plans to help ease the stress that comes with paying loans.

The Income Based Repayment Plan requires the loaner to pay roughly 15 percent of the individual’s discretionary income per month, but never more that the 10-year amount provided by the Standard Repayment Plan amount. Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan is based on discretionary income as well but only needs 10 percent per month. Jarvis recommends using the repayment estimator on studentloans.gov to determine the lowest amount of money that can be paid per month and will help determine which plan is the best option.

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Serayah McNeil Begins Her Journey to Fame as Tiana in Fox Show Empire


Prior to playing the role of Tiana on Empire, Serayah McNeil describes herself as a new artist who was always a singer and performer.

McNeil was a college student working at H&M when a longtime friend from high school contacted her. He believed that she would be a perfect fit for Tiana. Her friend’s mom is a casting director for the show and was able to give her an opportunity to audition. McNeil met with Empire’s producer, Lee Daniels, and her performance impressed him enough to cast her on the show.

Even though the 19-year-old’s fame is still growing, McNeil states that she will remain the same person she has always been. McNeil doesn’t want to change who she is and her hobbies are movies, cooking, and watching television with her friends. She advices that young women should be natural with themselves and develop perseverance to push forward from mistakes in the past.

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The Key to Relationships; Communication


Whether you are in a relationship, started dating, or maintaining friendships to make these bonds last a lifetime can be a difficult challenge. According to love expert and motivational speaker June Archer, the element that helps strengthen these bonds is Communication. When communicating with someone, it doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it stated Archer.

Learning how people wish to be spoken to is essential for preserving relationships. It is natural for people to be defensive when they get into an argument with their significant other or friend. Archer believes that people should play offense instead of defense. Taking the initiative to solve the problem instead of blaming the other person helps diffuse the situation instead of increasing tension. People saying statements such as “I love you,” and “I’m proud of you,” more often will uplift people and lead to better relationships.

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Stay ahead of the Curve and Embrace Technology



CEO of Tech Savvy Global Scott Steinberg explains that people should not fear the increasing developments of technology. In fact, they should embrace them. Steinburg is the author of Make Change Work For You and the book provides 10 new habits on how to be more familiar and open to technology.

The core habits discuss having the willingness to learn and be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to broaden your experience with technology. Steinberg advices people to not get frustrated with failures. Instead, he wants people to develop resiliency in order to overcome any adversities they may face. He practices this philosophy at his company, Tech Savvy Global, where they perform product testing and experiment with new gadgets before they hit the market.

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