The Victoria Washington Experience Weekly News Update


It’s the Victoria Washington Experience and here are some news events that happened.

Sherri Shepherd lost her battle with her ex-husband Lamar Sally about their child, according to TMZ.  She was proven to be the mother of the child who was born via a surrogate. Sally and Shepherd have been fighting in court since August, when the child was born. Shepherd claimed she was tricked into having the baby by Sally. Sally is, “ecstatic with the ruling,” and told TMZ that he wants Sherri to apologize on television the same way she did when she accused him of tricking her into having a baby and being a gold digger, according to TMZ.

Rachel Roy, Damon Dash’s ex-wife, gained full custody of their daughters Ava and Tallulah, according to TMZ. This was news to him because he did not even show up for the hearing. Also, Dash wanted full custody of his daughters. TMZ stated that Dash and Roy would accuse the other of, “being an unfit parent.” Dash believed that Rachel would threaten to cut one of the girls with a knife and would drive home drunk with one of the girls as well.  Rachel claimed that Dash would smoke weed around the kids, according to TMZ. Dash was ruled to only get supervised visitation. Rachel received a three-year restraining order against Dash, according to TMZ.

K. Michelle, reality TV personality and studio singer, is getting a butt reduction, according to SandraRose. She said that she got butt injections to, “elevate her poor self-esteem,” but that did not work out. She found out how difficult it was to wipe herself while in the bathroom without having to twist her body into weird positions, according to SandraRose.

Mendeecees Harris, reality TV personality on Love & Hip Hop: NY, will be going back to prison. He plans on pleading guilty to, “trafficking mass quantities of cocaine,” and is free on a $600,000 bond, according to SandraRose. Before Harris heads back to prison, him and his fiancee, Yandy Smith, will have their wedding in a VH1 spin-off.

This is your weekly news update with the Victoria Washington Experience. We keep your experience updated.




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