Behind The Success Of House of Cards


house of cards

House of Cards fans spent the weekend bingeing the Netflicks series in response to the release of Season 3 according to the show’s casting director, Kimberly Skyrme. “Don’t give any spoiler alerts!” are some of the posts that Skyrme saw on various forms of social media.

Lamont Easter plays as Frank Underwood’s Secret Service and admits to binge watching the show himself. “The acting is absolutely superb,” Easter said. Skyrme stated that House of Cards is a political show that is sophisticated and gives an insider perspective in the world of politics. “I think people wonder is this based on reality or is it totally factitious,” she said. “Or,is it somewhere in between.”

House of Cards has thirteen Emmy nominations for 2014 and Easter attributes the show’s success is due to its ability to break into new media; streaming online. “I believe its one of the first shows of this magnitude to simultaneously be available in multiple western countries around the world,” he said.

Follow Kimberly Skyrme on Twitter @KimberlySkyrme for possible updates on House of Cards and to know more about the man who plays Frank Underwood’s Secret Service, go to Lamont Easter website and follow him on Twitter @LamontEaster. Go follow Victoria on Twitter @TheVickiii to learn more about her guests and interviews.



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