Marketing Your Business



One of the core foundations in launching and maintaining a business is marketing. The connections an entrepreneur has can be one of the factors that determine how lucrative their business is.

Marketing guru Brian Horn explains that potential entrepeneurs should not underestimate any connections they do have and any form of publicity they received can be used to further market their business. “If you have to say it’s a radio show, say it’s a radio show,” Horn said in reference to exposure people can use to market their business. “And that impresses to everybody.”

Horn suggests that people who have made the decision to start their own business should not view themselves as an expert and be able to microspecialize.”One, know who your target market is and what you are offering them,” Horn stated.

For more marketing advice from Brian Horn, go to his website and follow him on Twitter @brianhorn. Go follow Victoria on Twitter @TheVickiii to learn more about Brian Horn and her other guests.



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