Erase Your Student Loan Debt



According to The Atlantic, there is $1.16 trillion in student loan debt across the country. “On average, graduates from 4-year universities face almost $30,000 in debt” stated student loan expert Heather Jarvis. Jarvis is an alumna from Duke University and she faced $125,000 in student debt herself. Realizing that this is an issue for many students coming out of college, she makes the effort to provide different ways to overcome the challenges that comes with student loan debt.

Jarvis said that one of the misconceptions about loan repayment is that the lender is going to work with you. Most lenders are not flexible with the monthly payments that are owed but there options to help students that are having trouble paying their loans. Jarvis advises that taking federal student loans is a smart choice because there are many repayment plans provided that are based on income. This means if the individual’s current job does not give them a high salary or they are between jobs, Income Based Repayment Plan and Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan are two effective plans to help ease the stress that comes with paying loans.

The Income Based Repayment Plan requires the loaner to pay roughly 15 percent of the individual’s discretionary income per month, but never more that the 10-year amount provided by the Standard Repayment Plan amount. Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan is based on discretionary income as well but only needs 10 percent per month. Jarvis recommends using the repayment estimator on to determine the lowest amount of money that can be paid per month and will help determine which plan is the best option.

For more information about student loans, please visit to learn more from Heather Jarvis and ask her your personal questions as well. For news on student loans, follow Jarvis on Twitter @Heather_Jarvis and learn more about the guests that appear on the Victoria Washington Experience by following Victoria on Twitter @TheVickiii.



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