Serayah McNeil Begins Her Journey to Fame as Tiana in Fox Show Empire


Prior to playing the role of Tiana on Empire, Serayah McNeil describes herself as a new artist who was always a singer and performer.

McNeil was a college student working at H&M when a longtime friend from high school contacted her. He believed that she would be a perfect fit for Tiana. Her friend’s mom is a casting director for the show and was able to give her an opportunity to audition. McNeil met with Empire’s producer, Lee Daniels, and her performance impressed him enough to cast her on the show.

Even though the 19-year-old’s fame is still growing, McNeil states that she will remain the same person she has always been. McNeil doesn’t want to change who she is and her hobbies are movies, cooking, and watching television with her friends. She advices that young women should be natural with themselves and develop perseverance to push forward from mistakes in the past.

Empire starts at 9 p.m every Wednesday and for more on Serayah Mcneil, go to for her interview. The segment is titled Feat. Tiana from the TV show Empire. Get to know more about Serayah Mcneil through her Twitter @SerayahLove and follow Victoria Washington on Twitter @theVickiii.



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