Stay ahead of the Curve and Embrace Technology



CEO of Tech Savvy Global Scott Steinberg explains that people should not fear the increasing developments of technology. In fact, they should embrace them. Steinburg is the author of Make Change Work For You and the book provides 10 new habits on how to be more familiar and open to technology.

The core habits discuss having the willingness to learn and be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to broaden your experience with technology. Steinberg advices people to not get frustrated with failures. Instead, he wants people to develop resiliency in order to overcome any adversities they may face. He practices this philosophy at his company, Tech Savvy Global, where they perform product testing and experiment with new gadgets before they hit the market.

To learn more about Scott Steinberg’s views on technology, check out for his segment on the show. The segment is titled Tech talk with expert Scott Steinberg. For more information on Scott Steinberg himself, visit his website,, and follow him on Twitter @AKeynoteSpeaker.



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